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Caroline R Poole is a British writer living in the south east of Manchester. Following the stillbirth of her daughter Olivia in 2010, Caroline has been involved in several charity projects and leads her own fundraising campaign. As well as volunteering at a local hospital, Caroline is a also a mother to Oliver.

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If you trust yourself and know your own mind, if you have the strength to carry on when everyone else wants you to fail... Never give up or settle for less than you want because the sun always comes out after the rain. No matter how hard people try and bring you down, if you are at peace with yourself and believe in all that you do, then you know in your own heart and mind that you are all you can be. When you are true to yourself, you are untouchable.


From Heartbeat to Heartbreak

Stillbirth Exposed

Tackling the often taboo subject of stillbirth, I set out to explore the emotions behind this very real side of pregnancy, as well as including an insight into my own stillbirth experience.
Exposing the harsh truth behind society's approach towards stillbirth, I wish to not only challenge the evolutionary progression of stillbirth, but to speak out in the hope to find answers to the questions that society alone doesn't consider to be plausible.
At what age does your existence gain acceptable recognition?
At the age of twenty, I experienced life threatening complications of pregnancy which resulted in the stillbirth of my daughter, Olivia. Eight years have passed and I continue to be inspired and hopeful about acknowledging emotions and heartache within the realm of often dismissed circumstances.

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